Our Values

by Kia Bondurant

authentic: the real you

Although I surround myself with rich color in my home and with what I wear, many of the images that I display in my home are actually black and white or sepia. Both the DETAILS that can be brought out in the depth of the images and the SIMPLICITY that allows emotion to be showcased satisfies a need I find for the images I look at every day to be AUTHENTIC.

Not every face needs to be smiling and perfectly retouched. The texture of skin, fabric and hair and the truth of expression is a visual relief. The AUTHENTIC bond of a mother and child.

I also have a goal to be AUTHENTIC in my everyday life. Humor, imperfection, dirt. These place right up there with beauty and color. I’m going to be the real me, messy hair and all. And I want to get to know and to photograph the real you, too.

VIBRANT: the best you

As I describe the work that I create, the word VIBRANT kept coming to me. It’s a fantastic word because it really has 2 meanings. On one hand, it describes the rich, brilliant color that I love to capture. It’s the one word that comes up repeatedly when people talk to about the images. “They are so vibrant!” Color makes me truly happy.

VIBRANT has another definition that describes what I try to achieve in both portrait photography and each day I live. It means full of life. A great portrait has something more than just fun clothing and a cool background…there should be life, real, living breathing emotion conveyed.

Bright, colorful, full of life – VIBRANT!


There is more to life than what we see. That’s a big statement, I know. But I believe that we were made by the a Creator who has a specific and individual purpose for each of us. Creating images that go beyond the pretty and the gritty that INSPIRE is the most exciting part of portrait photography.

INSPIRATION can be as simple as creating a session that takes a child to a place of make believe in every day life or as life changing as being the first person to photograph a newborn  or the last person to photograph a loved one. It can also be as intimidating as attempting to go beyond what’s there on the surface to find the real beauty put in each one of us.

Aspiring to live an INSPIRATIONAL life and create images that are INSPIRATIONAL is asking a lot, but I think that it would be a disservice to our Creator to attempt anything less.